Why does my team need accessibility training

When dealing with complex web projects, or large-scale web estates maintaining consistency remains key; ensuring everybody knows what to deliver, but most importantly, how it gets delivered. 

With accessibility now being regulated for public sector organisations by Public Bodies Websites and Mobile Apps Accessibility Regulations (2018) and the threat of the Equality Act 2010 adding pressure to any other organisation, there has never been a time like the present to ensure staff within your teams understand the principle of accessibility, and how to effectively implement them. 

Who can benefit from accessibility training with us?  

We work with all manner of organisations, from local authorities and higher education to private sector enterprises, in order to upskill staff members in regard to accessibility.

Each training package we offer is different and bespoke to the individual or the team that are taking part. 

Our training and workshops cover topics relevant to the following:

  • Team and project leads
  • Developers/Webmasters
  • Communications, Marketing & Content Teams
  • Designers
  • Upper management
  • Everyone

Accessibility awareness

It’s not just people who work directly with the web systems that we know need a greater understanding of accessibility. From junior level administrators to high-level executives, everyone needs to know why accessibility is important. 

Approaching accessibility with a top down approach is important, and inspiring others to be advocates is an essential part of being an inclusive organisation. 

Our training provides your organisation with the ability to:

  • have a detailed understanding of accessibility and who it affects
  • adhere to WCAG 2.0 Level AA
  • implement accessibility changes within your role
  • champion accessibility in your team and organisation. 

Where is accessibility training hosted?

Our training is delivered by our founders at HeX Productions. It can be delivered either in-house or via video conferencing, on-site or at an arranged venue.

Our training can take the form of task-based driven workshops, live demonstration of assistive technology and/or engaging accessible seminars.

We can tailor a package to suit you:

  • a brief 1 hour introductory talk
  • half day basic training
  • 1-2 day in-depth workshops
  • specific intensive hourly increments to break up the more detailed training
  • full day events for a larger audience with guest speakers

Interested in our accessibility training? 

If you want to up-skill yourself or your team and would like to know more about our accessibility training, you should fill in the form below, or call us on 0115 888 2828. 

If you’d like a more focused and hands-on approach from our team, we can help guide you through your journey by creating a roadmap to success. We have the supporting documents and guidance to help you to continually assess, assure and implement accessibility. 

Visit our consultancy page for more information.

We always recommend, no matter how much training you receive, you should always recruit a team of disabled user testers for the real expert eye on your web estate. We can also help you to do this.