Accessibility Statement

As a meetup that promotes digital inclusivity, we pride ourselves in producing content that is accessible to everyone. We do everything we can to make our website as accessible as possible. If you are interested, you can find more information about the accessibility of our venue.

Accessibility features of our website

Keyboard users

If you are a keyboard-only user, you can use our skip to content feature at the top of the page to jump to the main content of the webpage. This can be accessed by pressing the ‘tab’ key once you arrive on a page. The website has also been designed to have a logical tabbing order.

All functionality provided by us and Eventbrite works with the keyboard. We use Google Maps to provide visual clarity for our location, but this can prove challenging to keyboard users.

If you are struggling to access our location using Google Maps, you can find our address under the contact details at the bottom of this page.

Screen Reader users

For those who require the use of reading tools and screen readers, our website is compatible with a variety of screen readers, including JAWS screen reading software, NonVisual Desktop Access, as well as browser extensions and built-in screen readers (such as Voiceover for MacOS and iOS).

We have ensured that our site is fully accessible to people using screen readers by developing a site with a suitable reading order, and only including pictures containing suitable alt text. This is along with a variety of other techniques.

You can navigate through a list of the headings, links and landmarks through your screen reader software.

Other forms of visual impairment

Our site is committed to being as visually accessible to everyone as possible. As a result, the colours used on this site commit to the Website Accessibility Content Guideline (WCAG) AA standards. Our colours, texts and fonts remain consistent throughout our website. Furthermore, elements on the website change as you hover over them, providing further visual clarity.

Our site has been tested with software that can assist you with your sight. This includes Zoom on Mac, as well as ZoomText.

If you find the colours, texts or fonts that we use inaccessible then you can change them using external software. Our website is compatible with:


To improve our readability, we have adapted this website to ensure it is available on a variety of devices with differing screen sizes.

In addition to our site layout and design, we ensure the language, writing style and contents we use are accessible to everyone. We do so by making every effort to use plain English, removing jargon and simple language where possible. If using Jargon is unavoidable, we will define it in a clear manner.

Our marketers and content writers use Flesch Kincaid Grade Level to measure the readability of the content on our website. To remain inclusive, we guarantee a score no higher than 11; and we always do our best to ensure that this score is even lower.

We have ensured that there are no timeout periods when filling out our online forms, giving you as much time you need.

Hearing-related disabilities

The presentations that we record are captioned, and we have BSL interpreters at our live events. Any videos that feature on our website will contain captions.

Solutions to inaccessible parts of our website

As a meetup, it is unavoidable that we use external software on our website. Unfortunately, we have no say over the accessibility of this software.

In instances where the plugins on our site are inaccessible, we have produced alternative solutions to ensure the contents and functionality of this software is available to everyone.

Google Maps

For visual clarity regarding the location of our venue, we have included Google Maps within our website. Unfortunately, as this external software is powered by Google, we have no say, and cannot guarantee that this plugin is fully accessible.

To overcome this, we also include the address in an address tag, a fully accessible format.


To sell tickets to our upcoming event, we use Eventbrite to sell tickets. For ease for our users, we also embed Eventbrite within our site.

However, as this is external software, we cannot guarantee that this plugin is fully accessible. Eventbrite has a time out feature; giving users 8 minutes to fill in their details and complete their order once they have selected a ticket.

To overcome this problem, we have included an accessible disclaimer on our tickets page, which explains an alternative way that users can order tickets. Users can do so by dropping us an email on or giving us a call on (0115) 888 2828

Accessibility Statement

We are committed to providing digital accessibility for everyone, regardless of disability. We are continually updating our website in order to improve user experience, and do our best to abide by the most up to date Accessibility standards.

Compliance standards

As we are not a UK Public Sector organisation, we are not lawfully required to abide to any specific legislation. However, as an organisation that aims to promote inclusive change; we hold ourselves to a similar standard as the requirements of Government websites.

Conformance status

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) defines requirements for designers and developers to improve accessibility for people with disabilities. It defines three levels of conformance: Level A, Level AA, and Level AAA.

This website conforms with WCAG 2.1 level AA – meaning that all content on this website is accessible.

We are continually improving our website. With future plans to have British Sign Language (BSL) video interpretations of our webpages, we hope to one day conform to WCAG AAA.


As an organisation always striving to be as inclusive as possible; we warmly welcome feedback if you encounter accessibility barriers on our website.

Get in touch using the details below, and we will respond within 3 to 5 working days.

Can’t access parts of this website?

If you need information or require a different format, then get in touch using the contact details below.

We are receptive to accessibility enquiries and will respond to you within 72 hours.

Contact details

We are a friendly bunch who welcome feedback. We are also here to support you throughout your user journey if you face any problems.