Accessibility audit workshop

Understanding how to audit your own internal sites and provide accurate feedback to design, development and content teams is an essential part of the accessibility process. 

This training course provides guidance on how to assess all areas of accessibility on the web, and being able to provide actionable points for relevant teams based on WCAG 2.1 Success Criterion.

Learning topics include:

  • Testing methodologies – Automated, Manual, Technical, User.
  • A deeper dive into WCAG 2.1 A, AA & AAA standards
  • Understanding success criterion; what is not accessible, partially accessible and fully accessible
  • Putting P.O.U.R into action
  • Language and readability
  • Website structure, layouts and content types and identifying errors
  • Accessible pdfs
  • VoiceOver/NVDA/JAWS introduction and cheat sheet
  • Creating an accessibility statement

In this course, we focus on the knowledge required to effectively assess some basic aspects of the organisation’s web estate, allowing you to bring this skill in-house and streamline the accessibility process.

Please be aware that this is by no way a replacement for a full user test. Your users are the key holders to you success.  We can arrange a full user test from a team with a range of disabilities, allowing for you to gain a stamp of approval; an accreditation from Shaw Trust Accessibility Services.