Designer accessibility workshop

A lot of the time, designers are the first people to see and listen to the brief of a project, and transferring this into a captivating and engaging piece of work is essential. But so is accessibility. 

We believe that designing things with accessibility in mind from the start can create a more streamlined process. Let us share our knowledge with your designer/design teams, allowing them to feed accessibility straight into the design process. 

Learning topics include:

  • Use of colour
  • Links, buttons & active states
  • Fonts
  • Size & space
  • Dynamic content
  • Tolerance for error (click depth)
  • Minimize repetitive actions
  • Simplicity – Prompting task completion
  • Transcripts and captioning
  • Language & Readability (headings)
  • Tabbing and scrolling
  • Link strategy

In our design training, we go into detail about the steps that designers need to take to have a more accessible process and how they can implement accessibility, into their wireframes, considering layout, customer journey, function and motion.