Venue Accessibility

Here at Accessibility Nottingham, we do everything we can to promote inclusivity. We aspire to make all of our events free and available to everyone: regardless of disability or circumstance.

When planning, we considered a wide variety of disabilities. We have done everything we can to accommodate for them, to ensure nobody is excluded from our event.

To name a few examples:

  • The venue our event is hosted at will always have wheelchair access, including a disabled toilet.
  • Our event will be hosted in a private function room within our venue, separate from public spaces.
  • We work closely with MyClearText, and all presentations and talks are captioned live and presented to our audience.
  • We are working hard to incorporate British Sign Language (BSL) interpretations into Accessibility Nottingham events in the near future.

As a team, we frequently review and improve our digital content and event to ensure it is as accessible as it can be. We warmly welcome any feedback about Accessibility Nottingham.

We know no two disabilities are the same. We ask that if you have any concerns or specific requirements, to get in touch.