Sponsoring Accessibility Nottingham

Support positive change to an online, accessible world.

Accessibility Nottingham is a free, monthly event that aims to raise awareness surrounding disability and accessibility, in the digital world and web development industry.

To continue offering this free event, we are searching for sponsors who can support us. We are open to all forms of support. To name a few, you could:

  • Sponsor us financially.
  • Volunteer to speak at our next event.
  • Provide us with equipment or recourses that we can utilise at our events.
  • Promote our event on your marketing channels, such as social media.
  • Join us at our next event.

Who Are We?

Accessibility Nottingham is an event set up by HeX productions, a Digital Marketing agency based in Nottingham’s city centre. We aim to produce websites that are accessible and available to everyone, regardless of circumstance or disabilities. Creating an inclusive society for people with sight and hearing loss, cognitive and motor impairments, and others outlined by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1).

Our Vision

We created Accessibility Nottingham in the hopes of raising awareness on issues of disability, and the impact it has on the accessibility of the digital world. This is a prominent issue, illustrated through the fact that in 2018, 4 in 10 council websites were inaccessible. This is something we believe ought to change, as we believe everyone should have equal opportunity on the web, regardless of circumstance. We are currently working with councils in Nottinghamshire to improve this stat in our locality.

We currently fund and run the event on our own, we are not looking to make a profit from the event, we’re running it because we believe that the digital world requires a shift to ensure that it is inclusive and accessible to everyone.

What does the event deliver?

Accessibility Nottingham takes place around the Nottingham city centre. The event typically runs for three hours and finishes with the opportunity to network with other people interested in online accessibility. You can find our past events here. Past speakers include:

  • Nick Thorley, who has run a 100-mile race despite being completely blind
  • Sean Gilroy, from BBC Cape raising awareness surrounding neurodiversity
  • Richard Kish, explaining the Broxtowe Borough Council accessibility journey
  • Luke Shaw, a poet and writer, who created & performed piece on neurodiversity.

We also have some passionate speakers lined up, from top positions in the UK government and influential Blue-Chip organisations, who we are excited to announce to the public.

We enjoy offering free food and drinks to our attendees and wish for everyone to come along and enjoy an informative, light-hearted and fun evening where they can learn about the importance of accessibility.

What do we ask of you?

As we are running this event for free and entirely ourselves, the event is currently running out of our own pocket. To continue offering this event for free and promoting positive change towards an accessible online world, we are calling for your support.

We are happy to receive a contribution of any size and are open to suggestion and influence over a sponsorship deal. This can be monetary, food, equipment, marketing support or any other form you deem appropriate.

We are also seeking speakers for our upcoming events; who have a passion, interest or experience with disability.

What’s in it for you?

The event gives you the opportunity to advertise your brand and make potential clients aware of your products and services. By being associated with Accessibility Nottingham, your brand will become associated with core values that work to make a positive difference to the local and wider community disabled by their environment.

You can help put Nottingham on the map for being leaders in the improvement of web industry standards.

You can help create a local event that is diverse and inclusive. Drawing speakers to Nottingham, from around the UK, who are passionate about making a change.

You can support local students to engage with inclusion, merging established community groups to break down communication barriers associated with people of differing abilities.

Our Sponsorship Packages:

As sponsors, we warmly welcome you attend all of our events, where free food, drink and entertainment is provided. 

We are flexible to receiving a sponsorship of any size: big or small. We are also flexible to the benefits that being a sponsor might bring to you. If you have something in mind, then get in touch.

As a guide, we have created a few packages:

Sponsor Benefits Bronze up to £100 Silver £200 Gold £300 Platinum £400
Notable company mention at your sponsored event
Marketing and mention of your company on our social media
Business logo featured as the sponsor of the most recent Accessibility Nottingham event page
Opportunity to display your company merchandise at each event you sponsor
Guaranteed notable mention and event sponsor on our website for a number of upcoming events ✓ 3 Events ✓ 5 Events
Logo showcased as the official sponsors on the footer of the Accessibility Nottingham website
An exclusive Accessibility Nottingham hoodie
A 15-minute speaker slot, on a date of your choice, to promote your business