Our Second Unmissable Event

Zara Gemmell, a speaker at the event, giving a presentation.

Accessibility Nottingham will continue its mission of promoting positive change to an online accessible world this month, with another upcoming event taking place at Rough Trade Nottingham.

What is Accessibility Nottingham?

If you’re visiting us for the first time, then you’re missing out on a free movement taking place in Nottingham city centre. Accessibility Nottingham brings about real change to the online world! By joining us, you can learn core values that help you to promote this change too. Not to mention all the benefits you gain from making your website more accessible.

Accessibility Nottingham is a free monthly meetup, offering free entertainment, food, and talks from leading professionals, all with the aim of raising awareness and promoting change within the digital world. Doing so, we hope to make more websites inclusive and available to everyone, regardless of circumstance or disability.

If you want to learn more about Accessibility Nottingham, visit our about us page.

What have we been up to?

Since our last newsletter, we successfully held our first #a11yNottingham meet up. With an impressive turnout, we offered insightful talks and fantastic networking opportunities.

Since then, we have been working hard behind the scenes to bring to you our next event. Coordinating with web developers and leading professionals.

We have also been with HeX Productions to offer free website checks, helping to support web developers in achieving accessibility accreditation on their websites. This is a service we are still offering, so get in touch if you would like a free health check.

The Agenda

Our next event is How to become involved in an online accessible community, and hopes to introduce you to techniques and methods that can help you to promote accessibility for yourself, and start to take the first steps to getting your website accessibility certified: something which is highly respected in the industry, and you can showcase on your website.

With talks from leading web developers, digital marketing/PR professionals and members of Broxtowe Borough Council's communications team, this is an event not to be missed.

To see the full timetable and speakers for this event, visit our events page.

Before you go

Don’t forget, our next event is at Rough Trade and will offer an invaluable insight into how you can enter the world of online accessibility.

Don’t forget to get your free tickets to our next event, and get in touch for a free accessibility health check!

Quote of the week:

People aren't spending [with brands that do not prioritise accessibility] because why would they want to spend with companies who don't think about our needs? We are the single largest untapped consumer market.

Sam Renke