#4 – Why Care About Online Accessibility?

Our free meetup is relaunching. Featuring free food, drink, entertainment and insightful talks from leading professionals.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019 | 18:30 - 21:00

The Playwright 38, 38 Shakespeare St, Nottingham, NG1 4FQ


18:30 - 18:45

Introductory Meet and Mingle

The Accessibility Nottingham team welcomes all visitors. Attendees are encouraged to use this time to mingle with speakers and other attendees who have a shared passion for accessibility.

18:45 - 19:30

Adrian Stokes, Accessibility Quiz

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"What is wrong in terms of accessibility?”  Covering not only compliance to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines but readability, usability and emotional accessibility too, you will be amazed how much can be packed into a one-page quiz! And how small things have a potentially big impact!  Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your knowledge in a relaxed and fun way. 

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19:30 - 19:40

Alex Hambley, The Accessibility Nottingham Website (With Jonathon Hawkins)

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HeX Productions interns Alex and Jonathon discuss the process involved when developing and designing the new Accessibility Nottingham website; including how they made it accessible.

Alex will be going into detail from a web development perspective, whilst Jonathon will be discussing from a digital marketer and content writer perspective.

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19:40 - 19:50

James Hall, Illustrating Our Accessible Website

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James illustrates an example of an accessible website through the newly launched HeX Productions site. Providing an overview of the process involved when undergoing an accessible redevelopment: including the testing processes involved.

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19:50 - 20:30

Food Served

A chance for you to relax, enjoy some complimentary food and drink while you continue to mingle.

20:30 - 21:00

Krissie Barrick, The Big Hack, and The Business Case for Accessibility

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Krissie will introduce the Big Hack, Scope’s flagship Digital Influencing Programme which seeks to make the digital world more inclusive. As part of the Big Hack, Scope are developing a number of resources for businesses and product teams to support them in the roll-out of inclusive design as a culture and practice. This includes; the business case for inclusive design, a resource hub for inclusive design (for which we are seeking contributors), and a number of hackathons geared at breaking down barriers disabled people face. Krissie will chat through these tools, take any questions, and invite the room to share experiences, knowledge and suggestions for the Big Hack.

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21:00 - 22:00

Networking and Drinks

Visitors are welcomed to network with the Accessibility Nottingham team, and guests, and discuss more about the things that were mentioned in today’s event. Visitors are welcomed to stay for a drink.