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We are pleased to announce exclusive talks and performances from Sean Gilroy, co-founder of BBC Cape, along with poet Luke Shaw at our next free Accessibility event.

What is Accessibility Nottingham?

Accessibility Nottingham is a free, monthly meet up, organized by web developers, accessibility officers, and marketing professionals. It aims to raise awareness surrounding the importance of online accessibility, and the benefits that accessibility can bring you.

With free food, entertainment and talks from leading professionals; it is an event for anyone and everyone. We warmly welcome you to attend regardless of whether you have years of experience in this industry, or this is completely new to you.

If you want to learn more about Accessibility Nottingham, visit our about us page.

Our Next Event

As you can probably tell from the title of this newsletter, here at Accessibility Nottingham we are extremely excited to announce the speakers for our upcoming event.

With a theme of explaining Why inclusion and accessibility is important to you, our next event welcomes exclusive talks from the BBC, along with web developers, and exclusive entertainment from Poet Luke Shaw.

The accessibility meetup will tie closely to the steps that BBC Cape have taken to make a positive impact towards inclusivity.

The Agenda

With talks from well-known professionals and upcoming artists, this event is one not to be missed.

To see the full timetable and speakers for this event, visit the event page.

Before you go

Don’t forget, our next accessibility meetup is at THINK, showcasing talks from the BBC, and entertainment from up and coming poets. It will also offer free food, and unique and insightful networking opportunities!

Get your free tickets to our next event now, before they sell out.

Quote of the week:

I believe in accessibility. I believe in honesty and a culture that supports that. And you can’t have that if you’re not open to receiving feedback.

Mindy Grossman.